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I still have a lot of work to do on this solo instance, so I'm still in beta here. don't mind the mess, hehehe.

#Eurovision meme, #SMN 

ma che stupida voglia che ho!

(meme by marpetya on birdsite, reposted with permission)

Hello again!

After some feedback on deadlines and deliberation in the team, we're moving #FediVision2022 a week so the main event will be held on Saturday, May 21st.

We're doing this to give musicians an extra week to finish their songs, and we recognize that yesterday's announcement was too close to the initial deadline for song submissions.

The new deadline for submitting a song to #FediVision is May 17th, 3 PM CEST (= 1 PM UTC).

Good luck with the music writing and song crafting!

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Hello and good day to all musicians and music lovers of the fediverse!

Last year's FediVision event was a fun success, so this year we're doing it again.

#FediVision is a fediverse-wide music competition and celebration, inspired by the much bigger and better financed Eurovision Song Contest.

The main event and final voting period will be on Saturday, May 14th.

To organise the song submissions and all the info and FAQs, we've made a website:


Some of you already asked, if #FediVision was a thing this year.#

Today I can tell you: Yes, it absolutely is! Go and follow @fedivision and pay our small websive a visit, and learn everything about this year's contest!

Spread the word! Enter your music! Have fun!

#feditips Just remember, don't think of fedi like Twitter. I made the HUGE mistake of doing that when I migrated from there.

The fediverse is not about likes, reposts and gaining follows. It's about having real organic human conversations. And being a nice person is how you gain clout on here, not being a douchebag or a political fuck-all.

I know fedi has a different culture than twitter and it can be jarring to adapt, but just be you and you'll alllllllright.

this was my #Heartstopper: BEAUTIFUL THING, a 1996 film that was marketed as a light teenage romance but ends up being a lot heavier and more realistic than you'd expect. (it has a happy ending, against all odds of the 90s)

I wanted to say to newcomers and veterans to Mastodon/Fediverse that I've been using
#FedilabLite by @apps on my android devices since I came to the fediverse and I love it. a #NewFedilab is already shaping up and I'm eager to try that too. #fediapps

Queer update: I'm vibrantly queer, basically all the time.

from tiktok, art history, denouncing Picasso: 

the more I know about Picasso, the more I hate him:

o ouvido entupido não me deixou dormir bem, mesmo com a cabeça cheia de vinho. PQP

que dia difícil, estou só o pó. e tudo isso pq meu ouvido esquerdo se entupiu de cerume na madrugada passada. que ódio! mas amanhã comprar o medicamento é a primeira ordem do dia depois do desjejum. enfim, estou muito exausta física e mentalmente e queria dar uma desabafada por aqui. tudo que afeta meus ouvidos me afeta por inteiro, desde criança, me deixa num estresse fodido. bom, vou tomar mais vinho e vou deitar. boas noites!

#Eurovision #Ukraine #pol 

omg this is extremely ridiculous and it's all EBU's fault. stop negating reality, goddamnit!

I still have a lot of work to do on this solo instance, so I'm still in beta here. don't mind the mess, hehehe.

Queer update: If you were wondering, I'm feeling socially queer.

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